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We thank the Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) project for providing support for young scientists from around the world to participate in the meeting, and the NASA Cryospheric Sciences Program for its continued support.

Ice Sheet MIP for CMIP6 planning meeting to be held in Greenbelt, MD July 16-18, 2014

The sea-level projections made by the glaciological community as part of the IPCC process have often been out of phase with the projections considered by the wider CMIP community. For instance in AR5, the ice2sea and SeaRISE ice sheet projects predominantly worked with AR4 scenarios, while the CMIP5 community used new RCP scenarios. A primary focus of this meeting is therefore to develop a plan that will allow ice sheet and glacier models to be better integrated in the CMIP6 initiative, in order to improve both sea level projections due to changes in the cryosphere and our understanding of the cryosphere in a changing climate. These goals map into the Cryosphere Grand Challenge and the Sea-Level Rise Grand Challenge relevant to CliC and the WCRP.

Please use the links below to find out more about the meeting and brainstrom ideas.

Meeting Objectives

Schedule of Events

Model Initialization Experiments